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Our law firm understands that possibly the most important decision a family court judge faces during a divorce proceeding is the determination of the custody of any children of the marriage. Temporary custody may be granted to one or both parties for the duration of the divorce proceeding.

After a married couple files for divorce, they may decide on a child custody arrangement that works for their, and their child’s schedule. If no custody settlement is agreed upon, the issue will be resolved at trial. A Virginia family law attorney at Charles B. Roberts & Associates can help ensure that your child's best interests are protected throughout your child custody case.

Generally, there are two forms of custody that must be determined:  physical custody and legal custody.  The parent who is granted legal custody of a child receives the exclusive right to make major decisions concerning the child’s education, medical care, and religious upbringing. Physical custody is granted to the party that the child will spend the majority of his or her time with. 

The parent who is awarded physical custody is referred to as the custodial parent. The parent who is not awarded physical custody is referred to as the noncustodial parent. Noncustodial parents usually get visitation rights, including overnight visits and vacations.  There are three major types of physical custody:

  • Primary Physical Custody (Sole Custody): The child resides solely with one parent and the other parent is allowed visitation.
  • Shared Physical Custody (Joint Custody): The child resides with both parents on a part-time basis, although the time spent at each parent's residence may not be distributed 50/50.
  • Split Physical Custody: An arrangement wherein one child (or children) resides primarily with one parent and another child (or children) resides with another parent. Virginia courts do not favor split custody.

Legal custody
determines which parent will make major decisions involving religion, education, healthcare, and other important decisions regarding how the child is raised. One common element often used in a custody determination involves the resolution of what is in the best interest of the child

In making this determination, the judge examines several factors, including the desires of both parents, the needs and desires of the child, and the child’s relationship with each of the parents. Once the judge makes the “best interest” determination, other issues such as visitation rights potential parenting plans are usually adjudicated.

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The emotional tensions involved in a child custody case can make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the spouses to deal objectively with the many issues they must resolve. That is why many people choose to hire an attorney well-versed in Virginia divorce law to handle their case.

Charles B. Roberts & Associates, P.C. will work aggressively to protect your interests – and the interests of your children – during this difficult time. Call  703-491-7070 or 1-888-407-4529 (toll free) to discuss your case with an experienced Virginia family law attorney.

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