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General Information on Virginia's Workers' Compensation Law

Have you been injured at work? Or have you developed a condition or disease because of your job? Most workers in Virginia are protected by the Virginia Workers' Compensation Act. Workers’ Compensation helps workers get the medical treatment they need, until they are ready to get back to work, if that is possible.


The compensation system is not a lottery. Your benefits will be based on your real, work-related injury and inability to do your job. Employers and their insurers, along with injured employees and their attorneys, and the government agency work together to achieve the best and fairest solution for the injured worker and his or her family, and the employer.


So what should you do if you have a work-related injury? Immediately after suffering the injury there are important steps to take.

First, you should report your injury to your employer as soon as possible. Failing to report the injury could result in a denial of benefits. You must be specific in reporting the incident which injured you. For example: “I hurt my shoulder when I fell off the platform is specific.” On the other hand, “I don’t know how it happened, but my shoulder has been giving me trouble over the last few weeks,” is not specific.

Second, you should contact the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission and file a claim. The Workers’ Compensation Commission can be of great assistance. You can reach the Commission at 1-877-664-2566.

It is in the employer's best interest to properly, promptly and completely handle your treatment and benefits in cooperation with the Agency.


Third, when your employer is ignoring you, forcing you back to work before you are able, denying you medical treatment, and denying your right to compensation you need an attorney from Charles B. Roberts & Associates to help you.


The attorneys at Charles Roberts & Associates specialize in personal injury and workers’ compensation. A free consultation will help you determine if you require their expert help.